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Manage risk, cut through complexity and achieve more from data protection compliance with Tenax Analytics.

What we offer

Tenax provides tailor-made data protection and information-security strategies and solutions for organisations across the world


Bespoke, independent insight and advice to help organisations go beyond compliance to achieve more from data protection.


Encompassing legal, regulatory and industry-specific leadership expertise, Tenax Analytics ensures a holistic approach to data protection strategy.


Ensure teams understand and maintain data protection best-practices with bespoke training delivered by true industry experts.

Flexible, customisable solutions for
at-a-glance compliance


For GDPR compliance,
out of the box

An easy-to-use GDPR assessment framework, available straight out of the box.



UtopiaR tells you where you are, where you need to be and how to get there – all while generating a real-time audit trail for demonstrating compliance.


Next-level, international information security management

Supporting organisations to achieve ISO 27001  – Information security management systems – assure customers, partners and suppliers that you take data integrity seriously

No matter what your level of cybersecurity expertise ASSURE helps you become and remain ISO 27001 certified, with an at-a-glance view of your IT risk position, anytime, anyplace.


Government-certified cybersecurity compliance

An automated compliance platform, CyberSmart helps organisations achieve the UK Government’s Cyber Essential accreditation – and ensure ongoing compliance.


CyberSmart tells your customers, suppliers and partners that their data is safe with you – today and into the future.

Why we do it

61% of business leaders believe GDPR has benefits beyond implementation; competitive advantage, improved reputation & business enablement

Source: Deloitte

48% of UK adults plan to

activate GDPR rights over

 personal data


Source: Information Age

The European Commission reports 41,502 data breaches have been reported to data protection authorities since May 2018



0 %

percent of UK consumers want companies that don’t follow data protection rules to pay

bigger fines

Source: RealWire

0 %

The average large UK business is reliant on 24 systems to manage and store personal data, with 21% using over 40 systems to do so.
Source: Citrix

Why Tenax Analytics?

Incorporating certified GDPR expertise, legal and technical advisory services along with business acumen, we offer a holistic solution for the data protection challenge.

How are we different?




Agnostic in recommendations, based on specific needs and deliver exactly what’s needed, without adding expensive, ineffective extras




Rigorous advice based on industry qualifications with the organisational experience to deliver solutions that drive better business




Experts across the spectrum of data protection issues, alongside sector specialists we offer bespoke solutions that cover every base




With a broad spectrum of partners, we work with the best in the business, for the benefit of yours, finding the best solution for your unique circumstances




Data challenges aren’t confined by borders, and neither are we. With experts in Europe and the United States we are experts in international data protection strategies