Transform subject access requests into better business with Port Engage

The General Data Protection Regulation has had a huge impact on the rights individuals have to access personal data held by organisations about them.


Under GDPR transparency between data subject and data controller is a core principle. Infringements of data subject rights attract the highest financial penalties as well as empowering the regulator to stop businesses processing data at all.


With increased awareness and consumer concern over data privacy, research has shown that 48% of UK adults plan to activate these new rights over their personal data.


For organisations dealing with this deluge of subject access requests, the challenge is two-fold:


  • Streamlining processes to ensure cost-effective compliance

  • Transforming subject access requests into a valuable customer touchpoint


In response to both these challenges, along with our partner Port.IM we are launching a dedicated subject access solution – Port Engage.


Port Engage enables customers to instantly access the data held on them by an organisation via a simple online portal. For businesses this means instant, guaranteed compliance with data protection regulations and a tangible opportunity to build trust with their customers.


Vitally, for customers it provides proof of an organisation’s dedication to transparency and respect in relation to personal data.


Learn how Port Engage works


“By far the most important factor for consumers in deciding to share their personal data is whether they trust the relevant organisation. Trust in an organisation or business remains the dominant prerequisite when engaging consumers within the data economy.”

Data & Marketing Association


What Port Engage offers you and your customers


Your customersYour business
  •  Instant access to personal data
  •  Instant compliance with subject access   requests
  •  Simple, customer-friendly portal
  •  Remove threat of missed deadlines in   respect of subject access requests
  •  Proof of dedication to transparency
  •  Proactive transparency
  •  Greater understanding of benefits of   sharing personal data
  •  Strengthen customer trust
  •  Assurance of compliance with GDPR
  •  Valuable customer touchpoint
  •  Demonstrate how data is used for   customer benefit (e.g. Loyalty Schemes)


Designed with hospitality in mind


As experts in GDPR compliance for the hospitality industry Port has built Engage to support their data-driven clients achieve more from guest interactions. Alongside Tenax’s specialist experience in this industry, we’ve chosen Port Engage as our partner, answering the very specific needs of our clients.


Research by American Express found that 83% of millennials said they would happily let hospitality brands track their digital patterns if it meant more personalised experience.


To benefit from customers’ desire to engage and share data it is vital that it is done with full regard to the GDPR, with full, demonstrable and transparent consent.


Using transparent solutions such as Port Engage means hospitality brands can offer personalised experiences built on a foundation of compliance – leading to better business and more loyal customers.


Contact Bruce Smith for more information on how we can help you and your customers get more from data, while remaining compliant with regulations.