Key Features

Whatever your current social media understanding, Charity Social Landscapes enables you to understand what is working effectively for your peers, and rapidly emulate them. It gives you everything from a broad overview of all the major charities, through to detailed drill-downs on individual campaigns.

Data consolidation

Capture social media and BrandWatch data from across all the UK’s leading charities, and consolidate it into simple, easy-to-understand interfaces. Drilling down from holistic, charity-wide views to individual campaigns and organisational strands can be achieved at the click of a button.

Powerful analytics

The intelligent analytics engine sitting behind Charity Social Landscapes translates big data into clear insights and consistent language, providing you with an at-a-glance view of social media trends, successes and challenges, perfectly tailored to the third sector.

Fully customisable

The data visualisations in Charity Social Landscapes are tailored to your precise needs and preferences, while both semi and full-data automation are possible.

Replicate and respond

Learn from major players’ successes, gain real-time insight to the voice of charity supporters, understand activity from across the sector, and apply intelligent data to your strategic decision-making.

How it benefits your organisation

Social media can be one of the best channels for charities to engage with existing supporters and reach out to new ones. But deciding how best to harness it can be difficult.

Charity Social Landscapes enables charities to learn from the very best – the biggest charities in the UK – both in terms of replicating their success and understanding how to stand out against them. It is a flexible, automated and cost-effective means of monitoring social media and BrandWatch data across the third sector – and, crucially – translating that data into strategic decisions.


Charity Social Landscapes is special because:
It is accessed via an online dashboard which sits across your existing infrastructure – so it’s secure and responsive
Everything from the dashboard layout and key functions to KPIs and alerts is customisable – so it’s personal
Texas Analytics draws together expertise across cybersecurity, IT risk management, cyber law and events management – so it’s specialist

Evidence-based approach

At Tenax Analytics, we take an evidence-based practice approach to everything we do.

This means that we don’t just help you fill the gaps in your existing posture – we help you demonstrate that work.

Charity Social Landscapes ensures that your social media marketing decisions are based on genuine sector-specific intelligence and lessons learned from the most successful charities in the UK. Whether you choose to replicate their fruitful social media activity, or contrast with it, Charity Social Landscapes positions you confidently within your sector.

Support Options

Implementation support to on-board your initial subscription is included as standard
First-level support desk available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Price Points

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