Weakness identification

Automate the search for weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, no matter what your level of technical knowledge. Our easy-to-use technology scopes out potential points of vulnerability, alerting you to them in nontechnical language.

Rapid compliance

Each time a weakness is identified, out platform asks intelligent questions and provides step-by-step guides to ensure you achieve compliance within hours. Real-time support is available if you run into difficulties.

Official certification

Demonstrate to your customers, suppliers, partners and other key stakeholders exactly how seriously you take the integrity of their data. An official Cyber Essentials certificate illustrates both the data protection steps you have taken, and your protective attitude to compliance.

Ongoing protection

Since data protection and regulatory compliance are ongoing processes, real-time support, cyber insurance and regular security briefings are available for a year after your initial deployment. Learn from the industry experts and keep on top of the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

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