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Nearly half of all UK businesses reported cyber attacks
or security breaches in the last 12 months alone
(Source: It Pro Portal)

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed, industry-supported
accreditation scheme to help organisations protect themselves against
common online threats.


Not only is it a first step in shoring up your organisation’s defences against
cyber attacks it is also a prerequisite for suppliers bidding for a range of
UK government contracts.

What is CyberSmart?

CyberSmart is an automated platform that helps you identify the weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, remedy them and demonstrate ongoing compliance following Cyber Essentials criteria. It also follows ISO 27001 principles for best-practice cyber-protection.

Importantly, as well providing proof of cybersecurity proactivity, CyberSmart ensures your organisation is on-top of the latest insights and best-practices across the cyber threat landscape.

Government certification

Demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and partners exactly how seriously you take the integrity of their data. An official Cyber Essentials certificate achieved through CyberSmart illustrates your protective attitude to compliance.

Same-day certification

Each time a weakness is identified, CyberSmart asks intelligent questions and provides step-by-step guides to ensure you achieve compliance within hours. Real-time support is available if you run into difficulties

Exclusive insight

Since data protection and regulatory compliance are ongoing processes, real-time support, cyber insurance and regular security briefings are available for a year after your initial deployment. Learn from the industry experts and keep on top of the
rapidly evolving cyber threat


Using CyberSmart to achieve Cyber Essential accreditation is the seamless, cost-effective and government-assured way to demonstrate your cyber credentials – and ensure ongoing compliance.

Who is it for?

CyberSmart is for any organisation that wants to ensure they follow

 essential cybersecurity measures –
and importantly, wants to demonstrate this to clients, prospects and partners.

How it works

CyberSmart is a cloud-based dashboard and app that identifies security risks automatically, and offers simple, guided remediation

Using a simple questionnaire format, CyberSmart is the fastest and easiest way to achieve Cyber Essentials certification- some customers achieve certification in just a few hours of installation

Setup is instant and secure, and as it integrates seamlessly with both G Suite and Office 365, it’s adaptable

Whether you need to demonstrate your data protection credentials as part of a tender, to attract top-quality staff to join your organisation or simply to set yourself apart from your competitors, Cyber Essentials is the end-to-end compliance platform you’ve been looking for.

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