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Of the 59,000 breaches reported in first eight months GPDR, human error was the most likely cause, over and above malicious attack

Core to the GDPR are the requirements to implement ‘privacy by design’ – that is, to build data protection into your processes by default – and to report personal data breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office as a matter of course. For both of these requirements, having a clear and comprehensive view of your data processes is critical.


How do you achieve this with so many disparate systems?


Remember – GDPR readiness isn’t just about being compliant, it’s about proving compliance.

What is UtopiaR?

An easy-to-use GDPR assessment framework, available straight out of the box, UtopiaR powered by InfoSaaS is a GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool. It helps you become and remain GDPR compliant, across systems and across locations. 


UtopiaR tells you where you are, where you need to be and how to get there – all while generating a real-time audit trail for demonstrating compliance.


Find out which GDPR
requirements you are already
implementing – and what you
need to do to cover the rest –
at the click of a button


Create and manage Privacy
Impact Assessments (known as Data
Protection Impact Assessments within
GDPR), assessing how you are using
personal data, the flows of data
within your organisation, and how
data protection training and
awareness is being conducted


Generate a clear and transparent
record of every data protection step
you’ve taken, positioning you
proactively for GDPR auditors
and inspectors, and proving your
‘privacy by design’ approach


Turnkey solution for Data
Subject Rights Management –
embed into your own website
in minutes to save money, time
and streamline processes

Who is it for?

Designed specifically for small and medium organisations across diverse sectors, it fits your needs today, and as you grow.

How it works

UtopiaR works via a simple dashboard that allows you to see how you are managing your compliance at a glance, suitable for users of all levels.

Delivered via the cloud it delivers maximum cost-effectiveness and scalability for your organisation.

Choose from a range of pricing structures according to the number of data collection activities your organisation carries out, from email addresses to payroll information, and select the support package that suits you.

Tenax provides full bespoke onboarding making integration simple and with ongoing support, it grows with your organisation no matter what changes.

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