Tenax Analytics has partnered with select providers to offer preferential packages on tried and tested tools designed to make GDPR and data compliance a cinch.


For GDPR compliance,
out of the box

An easy-to-use GDPR assessment framework, available straight out of the box.



UtopiaR tells you where you are, where you need to be and how to get there – all while generating a real-time audit trail for demonstrating compliance.


Next-level, international information security management

Supporting organisations to achieve ISO 27001  – Information security management systems – assure customers, partners and suppliers that you take data integrity seriously


No matter what your level of cybersecurity expertise ASSURE helps you become and remain ISO 27001 certified, with an at-a-glance view of your IT risk position, anytime, anyplace.


Government-certified cybersecurity compliance

An automated compliance platform, CyberSmart helps organisations achieve the UK Government’s Cyber Essential accreditation – and ensure ongoing compliance.


CyberSmart tells your customers, suppliers and partners that their data is safe with you – today and into the future.

Automate ongoing insight and compliance with flexible, customisable solutions

What we offer

During our consultative process we evaluate your specific needs and recommend the best solution to meet that need. We will never propose a solution, or course of action that is not in your best business interests. We are agnostic in our recommendations and will direct you to consider the solution that benefits you – which may not be those within our suite of partner solutions.

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