What we do

Data-protection that delivers better business

Our new data-driven world has bought amazing opportunities, but also complicated challenges. 


Organisations are struggling to find the expertise, time and resources to manage the data protection and compliance demands of international regulators, customers and partners.

That’s where Tenax comes in.


We demystify GDPR, provide full-service data protection solutions and deliver first-class cross-border consultancy.


Importantly we focus on strategies that drive better business and build stronger relationships, not just processes that comply with the law.

Healthcheck Consultancy

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of CEOs across the UK and Ireland believe their business could be at risk from current blind spots in data access and skills. 

Source: Information Age

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of data protection regulation, or unable to untangle legacy processes and policies within your organisation?

Nearly one in five companies may never comply with GDPR (Source: Law.com). With a maze of complexity to navigate in the journey to achieving data compliance, are you lost?

Do you even know you’re lost?

With the threat of regulatory fines and reputational damage stemming from poor data protection practices, ignorance is not bliss. Independent analysis of your data protection provision could mean the difference between proactively mitigating risks, or facing organisational disaster.

When it comes to data protection and compliance we help you see the wood for the trees (and lead you out of the forest if necessary)!

What we do

We’re able to take an independent, encompassing view of your data protection readiness, processes and policies to provide a bespoke health-check and actionable recommendations.


You leave the hard work of unravelling processes, identifying risks and understanding requirements to us. While you get on with building your business, we uncover and deliver what’s needed to protect it.  

What we offer

Benefit from experts across the spectrum of data protection who provide holistic, specific and independent analysis, insight and recommendations to ensure compliance

Gain visibility of opportunities and threats across the entirety of your organisation. We spot gaps, refine processes and implement automation to drive better business practices

Tailor-made, sector-specific consultancy ensures a bespoke approach that suits specific needs

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 your organisation beyond compliance, towards better business

GDPR and data protection compliance training

9 in 10

SME owners don’t know the new rights that GDPR gives to consumers

Source: Hiscox

No matter your business…

you and your team will deal with data everyday that may, or may not come under the realms of regulated information. With the fallout from mishandling personal data measured not just in cash fines, but in reputational damage, can you afford a weak link in your chain?

Ensuring you and your staff

are aware and engaged with the law around data protection should be regarded as a core training requirement. As such we offer bespoke training packages, suitable for all levels and job functions.

Bespoke training, tailored to your team's needs

Each training package is tailored for your particular needs, taking into account your industry, team structure and knowledge-level.

For example, for those new to implementation of GDPR a half-day’s course will cover:



  • Overview of GDPR
  • What constitutes Personal Information
  • Establishing your lawful basis for processing personal information
  • Documenting your Personal Information Processing (DPIA’s overview)
  • Working with your Data Protection Officer (DPO) and how to handle Subject Access Requests for information
  • Additional resources for understanding GDPR
  • Onboarding of relevant software



Training for individual departments

While it’s imperative that all staff members are aware and mindful of data protection best-practice, there are some departments that will need specific guidance.

For example, those engaging in marketing, client liaison or payments may need a deeper dive into the role they must play in ensuring compliance. For example in addition to the core training, marketing teams can benefit from:



  • The effect of GDPR on Sales and Marketing organisations
  • Ways to market to your clients and prospects while remaining compliant with GDPR


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